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Winchester model 190 semi auto .22lr



Embedded here is the Winchester model 190 video, showing you how to strip and clean your rifle to keep it functioning properly.

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  • Nancy texarkana December 30, 2012, 11:45 AM

    This is a great video I always learn a lot from you.
    I may not can put it back together but I can take it apart.

  • Martin Gomez December 30, 2012, 9:55 PM

    Mr Green thank you for makeing this video I just purchased a Sears Mod 3T 22S,L,LR could not find to much info on this rifle but did find out through some other sites that this rifle was made by Winchester & that it was a mod 190 so if that is correct your video has helped me out alot now I can give it a good cleaning see what she can do Thanks again Martin Gomez

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