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Here’s what our customers are saying…

About Our Work

  • “Gentlemen, here’s a sneak preview of Jim’s work. I almost hated to cover up the finish on this frame, those reds all rippled like water in a stream, didn’t want to put a grip over them. This Contender frame is a genuine work of art!” – Ron H.
  • “Hey Jim, thanks for the late night effort to get r done. I brought my son to the range yesterday…It fired well but I only ran a few 25 or so through it. It was still tight but is breaking in nicely. I’ll shoot you an email soon let you know when I’m done sighting and breaking in. God bless. THANKS.” -JAKE
  • “The AK looks good…” – Caleb
  • “Good job on the cleaning, Jim!” Christine A.
  • “Jim just got it home, I have a new favorite baby!…All in all NICE JOB…when is a good time to call you? I want to run something by you and get your opinion before I send you the rest of the kits. Thanks again.” – Jeff
  • “Jim, I received my AK 47 today. BEAUTIFUL Quality Work!! Thank You. Also, You should have my Polish underfolder kit delivered today…Best of Regards.” – Grant B.
  • “I’ll tell you what…your AK build is generating a lot of Buzz down in Southern Md. Folks like what they see and are very inquisitive….Some of these Ol’ Boys had no idea they could have a custom AK built….” – Steve

About Our YouTube Videos

  • “You’re a wealth of information Jim. My knowledge base increases by watching your videos. You make everything look easy. Keep up the good work.” – YouTube subscriber
  • “Your channel is fucking awesome.” – YouTube subscriber
  • “Hey, awesome channel man!! I have three Canadian centennial winchester model 1984s and two are rusted a bit on the receiver lever and butt pad. I’m going to strip them like you showed.” – YouTube subscriber
  • “This is awesome. I looked at some other people’s videos but they aren’t half as informative. Thanks.” – YouTube subscriber
  • “Great Woodmaster video. Keep up the great work.” – YouTube subscriber
  • “I would like to comment on your videos. They are outstanding, your willingness to share your experience and knowledge with others is great. I find them to be very informative and helpful. Keep up all of your good work and I hope to see more from you.” – Sal E.
  • “Hey, Jim. Great video on the Model 94. I am just getting ready to strip mine down. Great help. If I am ever down to Maine from Canada I will be sure to look up your shop.” – YouTube subscriber
  • “Jim Green must have been assembled from dead gunsmiths because this guy is the best I’ve ever seen…..holy moly!” – YouTube subscriber
  • “Dear Mr Green, first of all thank you for your service. I recently bought a Uberti 1873 45LC. I then proceed to overload the magazine. It fed two and jammed the ejector. Your video on tear down to clean was my salvation. Once again the Marines save the Navy. Wishing you fair winds and following seas. Semper FI” – Rick S, SCMA US Navy Retired
  • “…After watching your video on YouTube three or four times and with a good set of magna tip screwdrivers from Brownells, I succeeded in installing a new carrier.” -Thaddeus E.
  • “I want to give my appreciation to you for providing the Winchester moldel 94 30-30 YouTube video. I have a short barreled model which I have never totally cleaned in years. I’m a two tour Vietnam vet so from one vet to another, thanks for your service.” – Marty
  • “I just saw one of your youtube videos that was shared by a women’s business development organization on facebook. I just loved your authenticity. And your story is exactly how it works, one thing leads to another. I’m finding that myself too as I move into painting large scale murals in assisted living facilities. One just leads to another as people share your work. I found myself just smiling happily hearing your story. Thinking, good for you man! Fucking awesome!!!!! So I wanted to just send you a pat on the back email. Sooooo awesome that you inspire so many people.” – Francine S.
  • “I’m living in Canada, I’m from Quebec city. Each time I need to know something about a gun, there’s only one guy’s [channel] that I watch and it’s you! You’re the best! I hope you will be there for long time. Thank’s a lot!” – Yves B.
  • “Hi from Canada! Today I watched your video Gun Works – Flintlock Musket Special and I was very impressed. You did a great job and I learned something new. I did not know that these older kind of flintlocks had the equivalent of caliber example .32 and .50 also the technique about blowing the bore at the end of the firing to extinguish any embers. Thank you.” – Scott
  • “Hi sir. I am a German living in Switzerland and for many years now I own a Winchester 88 in .308. Three months ago I took it apart and you have no idea how happy I am since I discovered your videos about this marvellous rifle. Very easy to understand and no fussing around…Anyway thank you very much for putting your good work in the web.” – W.S.
  • “Many thanks for putting up your video of taking down this pistol [Hi-Standard Dura-Matic M-101]. One of my best friends…gave me this gun…[his father] was a veteran of WW II and was a grunt in Europe after landing at one of the Normandy beaches. One of his hobbies was rebuilding M1 rifles into hunting guns….Anyway, many thanks again for sharing your years of experience, in your patient explanation and demonstration. You provide a great service to fellow gun lovers who lack your years of hands-on mechanical work.” – J.R.H.
  • “I found your video in the internet and I adored your work.” – Juanez
  • “Nice work, Jim. I always look forward to seeing what your working on. I, for one, am grateful to you and your channel. Thanks.” Joe E.
  • “Hi Jim I just saw your M1 Garand service video on you tube, and what a great, simple and easy video for those who have no experience with the M1, very well done and in good taste… You just made a customer and a Vet friend….Thank you and keep it up.” -Claudio I.
  • “I have a near mint [Savage] 1907, and now I’m not afraid to shoot it because I can strip it and clean it…Thanks.” -YouTube subscriber
  • “Thank you for the great instruction! I bought a shooter C96 and the first time I took it apart the sear fell out and I nearly browned my britches! Got her back together with your help. Thanks again!” – YouTube subscriber
  • “Hey Jim, thanks for the late night effort to get r done….It fired well but I only ran a few 25 or so through it. It was still tight but is breaking in nicely. Thanks.” – Jake
  • “All I have to say is WOW! I finally picked the rifle up today and it is superb! The fit and finish is amazing. It cycles well, the trigger is crisp, its nice and tight. Just dropped some FireClean on the major parts and its smooth as butter. – Eric P.