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Remington 760, 7600 pump rifle Part 1

The Remington 760 or 7600 rifles seem to be second most popular hunting rifles in this area, right behind the 742 or 7400 semi auto rifles. The 760 is a pump operated rifle, the 742’s are gas operated.

This rifle came in with an atrocious trigger pull, and a serious case of the rattles. Yep, the entire forearm assembly rattled anytime you moved the gun anywhere. So it has some obvious wear issues. So a quick fix will get the gun back into shape for hunting season with a minumum of time. If the customer has the money and time to wait, I could replace the worn parts. But since hunting season is a short time away, we’ll go for a quick repair.



As any standard Remington long gun, the trigger assembly removes the same way — two push pins and pull it out. See the Remington 742 section for more details on this….

To remove the fore end, remove the single screw on the front. Various models of this rifle will have different types of caps and screws, they all come out the same.



With the handguard / forearm off, look for an opposing pair of holes on the tube. Make sure you slide the pump action tube forward to find these holes. Shove a hardened pin punch or similia tool into the hole and turn the tube. The end is threaded and this is what holds the barrel in the reciever.



Pull the tube off the front of the reciever stud.



The barrel, bolt and carrier, and the action slide all come out in one piece. The ejection port cover slides out of a slot in the receiver too.



From this point the rest of the rifle disassemble almost EXACTLY like it’s semi auto counterpart. To see this part of the disassembly you can refer to the Remington 742. The 760 / 7600 is basically the same gun without the gas system.

Once the gun is cleaned inside and out, I do a trigger job to eliminate creep and get as close to four pounds as possible for a good hunting shot.

So how about the next complaint ? The irritating rattle of the fore end on this gun ?

continued in Part 2


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  • Jim Green, Gunsmith June 11, 2011, 9:44 PM

    Sure ! If you think anyone can read English… that’s all I know how to write

  • alan croft December 16, 2011, 9:44 AM

    is there 2 types of this action in which the tube slides with the action and one that is stationary?

  • Bill DeVault January 6, 2012, 2:23 PM

    Hello Jim,

    I havs bought a used remingto 670 and I can not get the barrel our. The rifle is in great shaope but barrel is very tifgt. How do you get the barrel lose and out ???
    Will I have to take the 760 to a gunsmith ?

    The man living next door Is a retired MARINE- Marine Recon. I will see if he can do the job. And if he is not able, I will shame him… Thanks Bill DeVault

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