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Ongoing Remington Rolling Block project part 3

It’s been some time since I had the chance to work on this old shop project.  The Rolling Block is one of a couple of shop projects that gets worked on in between customer jobs.  So after all this time I decided that maybe I need to get into it and get some work done on it finally.

I pick up from where I left off last time by starting on the barrel work. Here I’m getting around to reaming out the blank and cutting the chamber. The caliber I finally chose is .50-110 Winchester because of easy to obtain brass casings.

RB 1


Now the straight tapered octagon barrel has been fitted to the rolling block receiver.


RB 3


So now I’ll turn my attention back to the stocks I’d carved before. I fitted a brass Schuetzen style butt plate to the stock. This is the easiest type to fit since it’s a straight cut. But to add a little “bling”, I decided to inlay some brass wire into the wood.


RB 4


Here’s the first wire inlay started. You’ll notice the heart shaped inlay is placed where I’d like to put it next.


RB 5


This is tedious work, but it’ll be worth it in the end. This will be a nice rifle project. I’m thinking black powder silhouette target shooting. Next blog will detail a bit more of the wi inlay work.

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