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Mosin – Nagant rifle project

The Mosin Nagant rifle was developed and first fielded by the Russians in 1891. These are cheap and plentiful surplus guns that are readily available for less than $ 100. The original caliber was 7.62 X 54mm, a rimmed cartridge.

This project will take one of those surplus guns and convert it into a hunting rifle chamber for the venerable .45-70 cartridge. Very little of the original gun will be used.



After turning a barrel blank to match the contour of the receiver, the new shank is measured and cut to fit. Next, the threading tool is set up.



The threads are cut…. 60 degree at 16 threads per inch. This will allow the barrel to screw into the action of the rifle.



The chuck is changed out for the next step. The barrel is run true with a dial indicator. The blank is cut down to 22 inches. Then the muzzle is faced off and a recessed crown is cut.



The chamber reamer is then chucked into a floating chamber reamer. The chamber will be cut to about 50 thousandths short. The final chamber dimensions will be cut by hand later. The bolt face will need to be opened up to accept the .45-70 head. Then Go and No-Go gauges will be used to set the final headspace.



The short chambered barrel ready for installation on the action.



The Mosin Nagant receiver is polished and color case hardened, more for unusual looks than anything else. Bone charcoal is used for this gun to give subtle darker grays and blues.



The rifle is fitted into the stock to give an idea of how the finished gun will look.





As this is a gun shop project I have to work it in between jobs for my customers here at GunWorks. Other steps will be done later as I have time. The bolt body will have a new handle welded in place instead of having the stubby little straight handle. The bolt face will need opening up a bit. The receiver has already been milled to allow the passage of .45-70 cartridges through the bottom. I still need to modify the magazine to feed cartridges. And the barrel will get a matte blue finish. I will add a recoil pad, and there will be NO open sights. I will machine a mount for a scout scope. The military trigger will be replaced with an after market item that will be more in line with what a hunting gun should have.

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  • Ron November 11, 2011, 8:59 PM

    Nice color case hardening on the reciever. I like that. I’ve always thought that the original, including the bolt too, were plain. You’ve made a nice looking rifle out of it. Lots better than the standard surplus style.

    Thank you for your service to our country, sir.

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