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Making a shotgun safety button

Every once in a while I’ll get a firearm in the shop that needs a part that simply isn’t available. Such was the case of the Spanish made .410 single shot shotgun. The safety button had broken and had been lost sometime in the past. Seeing how this is a shotgun used by a younger hunter, the boy’s Dad naturally doesn’t want him to hunt with a firearm that has no safety feature. Getting gun parts for foreign made guns that are no longer imported into the US can be tricky. So the best option here was to make a new one.

I started off with a short length of mild steel rod stock that I keep in the shop for such projects.
Having no original broken parts to take measurements from, I determined the width of the trigger guard and added several thousandths length so the safety button would stick out far enough on both sides of the trigger guard. I measured how far the detent and spring protruded into the hole where the safety went through the trigger guard and cut the middle section to half that diameter.

For the next set of cuts, I measured the full depth of the detent again and cut the detent notches in the middle section to that full depth. These two notches will provide positive stops for the detent as the safety is slid back and forth to block the trigger from being pressed and releasing the sear. The detent also prevents the new safety button from falling out of the trigger guard by stopping the safety from being pushed over too far.

I use a parting tool to cut off the new safety button to the right length.

Here’s the new safety button after final polishing. I fit the part into the gun to test it…. it works.
I use Kasenit as part of the next step…..

…and a gas torch to flame harden the surface of the new part to prevent it wearing out from being too soft.
The new safety fits and functions as it should. A touch of cold blue on the new part blends it in with the shotgun trigger guard and I reassemble the gun to test fire it.

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  • Bill T June 8, 2014, 12:19 AM

    Jim, There is always something around that will get the job done. Nice to see that you are able to think things through, and make it better that the original. Good work.
    Bill T.

  • Billy Graves June 8, 2014, 10:45 PM

    Hey Jim,
    One think I enjoy you saying in all of the Videos that I watch of yours is, “And I am a Gunsmith” I really believe with the way you always work things through that you do deserve to say that. I really enjoy watching all of your YouTube Videos and the way you approach things in the way you do. I have learned a lot from you and just want to say Thank you for taking the time to Video and walk through your Projects so other people can learn from you Wisdom and Helpfulness. Thanks again Jim Green, “The Gunsmith”

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