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Emergency Preparedness Gear


Essential Fire Starting Gear and Tinder

GunWorks Fire Starter Kit

Price $26.95

Priority Shipping INCLUDED!

I can start a fire in just minutes under most conditions…AND SO CAN YOU.

This is THE indispensable fire-starter tool that I have been carrying in my pocket every day for the last 15 years. Watch my demonstration video then scroll down to see all I include in this package.

Fire is critical to your survival in the outdoors. If you ever become lost or stranded, your first consideration is to stay warm and dry and avoid hypothermia. And depending on your situation, you may eventually need fire to signal search teams, boil water for drinking or ward off predatory animals.

Hunters, hikers, campers, backpackers, sailors, kayakers, and outdoor enthusiasts should never venture out without the essential Survive Fire Starter in their pocket or pack. The spring-loaded ferrocerium rod:

  • Is CONVENIENT to use
  • SAFE to carry…even in your pocket
  • Always READY TO USE…even one-handed
  • NEVER RUNS OUT of fuel…you can start unlimited fires
  • Works with ALL TYPES OF TINDER
  • Sparks EVEN WHEN WET…making it very dependable

Imagine how much more comfortable and safe you’ll be knowing you can stay warm, cook food, discourage predators, signal for help…in short, survive outdoors.

Even in harsh conditions. Watch me start a fire in the snow in about 10 minutes. All you need is The Survive Firestarter and a little instruction from me.

Here’s what you get in the GunWorks Fire Starter Kit for just $26.95:

  • 1 Survive Fire Starter
  • 1 Rescue Whistle
  • 1 Combo Tool with Map Scale
  • 5 Squares of Char Cloth (enough tinder for at least 10 fires)
  • 1 Step-by-Step Instructional Video (we’ll give you the URL and password for online access from the GunWorks website)
  • Free Priority Postage

Order Today…

  • Put a GunWorks Fire Starter Kit in your emergency or survival pack.
  • Give one to the outdoors person on your gift list.
  • And to always be prepared, get an extra fire starter kit and store it in your car’s glove compartment.