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Disassembly of BAR Long/short trac part 2

Picking up from part 1, we can finish disassembly of the BAR Longtrac/short trac hunting rifle. Locate the gas plug on the front of the gas system. Remove this using an 11/16″ wrench. You will notice a small slotted screw on the right hand side — DO NOT remove this screw or turn it for any reason ! This regulates the flow of burning gasses and making ANY changes here will effect how to rifle functions !

If you pull back slightly on the recoil spring and guide, you’ll see the piston. With the gas plug removed you can use the guide rod to push the piston forward and insert a soft punch to push the piston out the front of the gas system. Be careful not to mar the piston or you may have problems with functioning later on.


Slide the guide rod forward and remove it along with the recoil spring and the block from underneath the barrel. Pay attention to how the 3 piece buffer sits against the receiver. This way you’ll know how everything goes back during reassembly.


This picture shows you how the piston sits on the end of the guide rod when the assembly is inside the rifle. Clean the crud and carbon fouling from the piston with a soft brush and solvent. Reassemble this DRY… no oil on these parts.


Now this is where things become interesting. Removing the bolt from the receiver is a bit tricky.


Pull the bolt and carrier back until the bolt unlocks. Hold the bolt carrier in place with one hand and slide the steel cover forward until you get a small gap long enough to get the bolt handle out.


What you’re going to do is expose a small retaining clip that holds the charging handle in the bolt carrier. This picture will show you the location of this clip. It’s spring loaded, so you’ll gently pry it up with a pick, and slide the entire handle forward in it’s dovetail and slip it up and out of the way.


Gently pry up on the bolt and carrier body on the OPPOSITE side from where the charging handle goes.


The entire bolt and carrier assembly have to be turned sideways in order to remove it. This might take a little effort, but DO NOT apply any torque by prying hard on these parts to remove them. The bolt head must be in the unlocked position in order to remove the parts. You don’t want to damage anything. If the bolt is in the locked position you will not be able to remove this. A small cam protrudes from the side of the bolt carrier and rides in a slot inside the receiver. STOP at this point — since this is not gunsmithing instruction. This is only to show you how to disassemble and clean your rifle to ensure the gun functions at 100 % for hunting season.


This last photo shows the bolt and carrier removed from the gun. It also shows you how far forward to slide the steel cover in order to get the charging handle out of it’s slot. Reassembly is exactly opposite of disassembly. Take the time to observe carefully how each part fit in place as you removed it. There are no special tricks necessary to get this rifle back together after it is cleaned. DO NOT under any circumstances remove and parts from the trigger mechanism ! Many of these parts are replaceable only by the factory and are not available to even a gunsmith. Do yourself a favor and do NOT attempt to perform your own trigger lightening job. Leave everything alone inside that part of the gun.

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  • Bill T April 5, 2014, 11:15 AM

    Jim, Thanks for sharing this BAR with us. Always nice to see unusual rifles and pistols.

    I noticed that the barrel has Browning SA on it. where these manufactured in South Africa?

    Enjoy the day.


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