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Carving a rifle stock

Today I spent most of the day carving a new gun stock. A customer came in with a half rotten piece of wood that used to be on an 1873 model Trapdoor Springfield rifle. There were some chunks of wood missing. Actually it looks like the stock has seen better days. Maybe the guy used the gun to paddle a canoe ? Or maybe prop open the cabin door since he was missing a doorstop ?

So I ordered him a blank from Chico California that is claro walnut. Good stuff as far as wood goes.

I laid the original on the blank to trace it out. Then it’s off to the bandsaw. I need a bigger one than this…. it was a struggle to cut such a thick piece of wood.



Next I set up the stock duplicator. What used to take several weeks to a month or more, I can carve in about a day or so.


The blank ready to carve……..



….. and it’s starting to take shape !


Normally I ‘d have to spend hundreds of hours hunched over a vise, scraping my knuckles with a rasp and sandpaper. I’d rather knock out a stock in a day and make some moolah !!

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