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Another hydrographics pattern

I recently added a new service to the shop. Hydrographic transfer printing of patterns on firearms and other related items. Today’s project is a Kimber .45 pistol that had a rough finish. The bluing had quite a bit of holster wear from being carried so much, the customer decided to try something a bit different.

This pattern is a red cobra snakeskin pattern. The small parts such as the safety, hammer, magazine release, and slide stop were done with a black Duracoat finish to accent the snake skin.

In the future, I’ll be adding literally dozens of camo leaf patterns, more skulls, American flag patterns for the patriotic minded gun owners, as well as numerous snakeskin patterns. Hydrographic patterns can be applied to any metals or hardened surfaces. These patterns are not limited to just pistols either. Shotguns and rifles can be done as well. Check the website from time to time to see the new patterns as they come into the shop.



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  • Bill T. June 21, 2014, 1:04 PM

    Not my idea of a pistol. The customer is always right! The can come back and get the thing removed!

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