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A match grade barrel for an M1 Garand

First, I strip the gun completely apart. Then I remove the old barrel. The new barrel is a match grade Criterion made barrel. I coat the threads with anti – sieze compound to prevent galling. I screw the barrel onto the reciever and torque it down. Uh – oh….. it won’t line up right. So I chucked the barrel into the lathe and shaved off a few thousandths from the shoulder to get the barrel to line up…….



Next I use a chamber reamer to finsh cutting the chamber. I use the heaspace gauges to get the chamber cut to the proper length. If the stripped bolt closes on the Go but not the No – Go gauge, the chamber is cut properly.



Below is a close up of how the barrel vice and action wrench is set up.



Here is how to check the head space. The Go Gauge is pictured here. To keep the chamber tight I cut it enough to get the bolt to just close on the Go Gauge.



The internal parts are ready to go back in the gun……. a brand new feed latch, new cartridge guide, and a new national match operating rod.



The gun is finished out with match grade parts. It shoots great and will be an excellent ” paper puncher ” target rifle on the firing line. The gun is chambered for the standard .30-06 caliber that most Garands come from the factory with.


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